Gibberellic Acid Kit - 90% TG - High Quality (Low Mesh)
  • Grow Huge Healthy Plants
  • Feminizing Seeds
  • Paste dilution on outgrowths for rapid Bud Growth
  • Instructions for correct usage
  • High Purity & High Quality (Low Mesh)
  • Includes Disposable Measuring Spade
  • Includes Disposable Pasteur Pipette
All samples are prepared by a qualified Laboratory Technician.

Most plants are known to contain the Gibberellin GA3 which ensures mitosis takes place and fibers of the plant develop correctly.


  1. Oranges with thin low-fiber damaged skins have not been treated with GA3. It is National and Standard Policy in Australia for Farmers to treat most fruit and vegetable crops with GA3.
  2. No matter the season, mitosis (cell division and growth) will take place rapidly. After treatment seeds can be planted with success at any season throughout the year. Usual precautions in cold or snowy regions like artificial heating and lighting are of course still necessary.
  3. No need for extreme measures such as 'Cold Stratification'.
  4. Expect QUALITY and nothing less. At 90% Technical Grade and a low Mesh of 40 (high quality due to being small in microns) you get exactly what you pay for and nothing less. Buyers should be wary of sellers that do not list the Mesh quality, fail to indicate what grade (purity) their product comes under, or even worse claim their product is 'Technical Grade' if it is below the 90% TG threshold. If none of these factors are mentioned by sellers expect a low grade low quality product (usually Industrial Grade) full of impurities from dubious sources. If you wish to have good predictable results then know what you're putting into the ground. If not carefully carried out with full precautions GA3 may persist in the soil and kill plants rather than assist in mitosis and rapid growth, acting more like a agrochemical pesticide (which in larger quantities the natural hormone is also used by farmers, when not for growth enhancement). If the included instructions are followed, due to knowing what quality you are working with you will have the results you seek. This is a serious natural growth enhancer, the strongest in the world in fact. Treat plants carefully, keep away from children, and you will have incredible results you've only dreamed of.

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100 Grams Gibberellic Acid - 90% TG - High Quality (Low Mesh)

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